Neoxal 1,61 DIY HD

Ceramic protection for car paint, vinyl, polycarbonate and glass 50 ml

Ceramic coating features high resistance which guarantees the highest degree protection of car paint, vinyl, polycarbonate, metal and glass. The protection prevents the formation of minor scratches, corrosion, tarnishing, avian waste, insects, resin, UV radiation and other environmental factors. It also provides high hydrophobicity of car paint, resistance to high and low temperatures.

Chemical resistance in the range pH of 2-13. Minimum durability up to a year.

„Wet” application

Optimal application conditions are between  15 – 25 ° C.

Prepare the surface to be protected properly. It must be clean and degreased. There will be also needed: 2 microfibers, an applicator and one liter of demineralized water. To the application it can be used both a traditional sponge applicator or cotton pads.

  1. Apply the water mist on the surface which you want to be protected.
  2. Put the exact quantity of Neoxal 1,61 HD (10-20 drops) on the applicator.
  3. Spread the product uniformy on the surface in circular motions. (kulistymi ruchami)
  4. Wait 4-8 minutes.
  5. Wet the protected surface with water
  6. Dry the surface with microfibre and polish it.
  7. Repeat stages mentioned above on the other surfaces.
  8. If required, put another layers after minimum 3 hours

The coating should not come into contact with moisture for 12 hours. It is advisable that the car should dry in the application conditions.

Neoxal 1,61 HD gains its  hydrophobic properties after 12 hours from the application. The full mechanical, UV and chemical resistance of the coating is after 10 – 14 days. During this time, do not use used detergents for washing the vehicle.