Paint protection (PROFESSIONAL)​

Our coatings were created for customers who appreciate the comfort of a good-looking car, waiting for a spectacular effect, with a minimum of time, effort and costs.
NEOXAL 1.61 PROFESSIONAL is two-component product. It creates a ceramic anti-aging coating with epoxy bonds. In the set there is an additional element which is the Pre-Treatment. It is a kind of reinforcing foundation. It increases durability, improves functional properties and extends service intervals. The base of the product are also polysiloxanes as the precursors of nano structures, as well as organic and inorganic silicon. A perfectly smooth, hard sealing layer is created. It is like laminating a vehicle by the glass! The coating has super hydrophobic properties. The contact angle is 45 °. Thanks to the unique structure, reminiscent of honeycombs, it is hard and flexible at the same time. It protects against acid rain, UV and sun radiation, weather erosion, environmental pollution, resin, insects and birds’ droppings.  It is resistant to chemicals which pH is in the range of 2 to 13. Stability is from 3 to 10 years. The extension of its functionality depends on proper servicing. It involves the use of refreshing coating NEOXAL Reload every 6 months and the removal of magnesium and calcium salts remains from water. Neoxal Water Spot Remover is an intended product to this use. Thickness depending on the layering method, from 2-6 microns. The only way to remove the coating is to use abrasives. The product NEOXAL 1,61 PROFESSIONAL, due to the complex application and work health and safety regulations, is available only in accredited, professional detailing studies