NEOXAL MARINE - protective ceramic coatings for the marine industry

Neoxal Marine is a preventive maintenance product line designed specifically for professionals. Our specialized application centers allow trained and certified professional installers to apply Neoxal Marine to all surfaces of the boat. The latest protective technology of Neoxal Marine is a common sense choice. Stop spending money on old technologies. 

Features of our coatings:

  • Durability of protection over two years
  • Easy to maintain
  • Anti-Fouling and Anti-Graffiti
  • Thermal resistance from -50 ° C to 1200 ° C
  • Corrosion and oxidation resistance
  • UV protection
  • Perfect gloss
  • Chemical resistance
  • Low volatility of ingredients
  • No fluorine
  • Environmentally friendly

“Anti fouling” protects the surface above and below the waterline. Severe operating conditions are well-known problem for owners of yachts and boats. Neoxal Marine “anti fouling” creates a protective barrier. It prevents oxidation of protected surfaces and the development of marine organisms and algae on them.

The existing methods of cleaning the hulls are expensive and environmentally hazardous. Neoxal Marine “anti fouling” makes the surfaces covered with it hydrophobic, thus resistant to the influence of substances contained in sea water. At the same time, the cleaning process is greatly simplified: no need to pull the unit out of the water or use strong chemicals and solvents. Lichens are removed with a soft brush or sponge.

Consumption of the product: 1000 ml per 50-100 m2 depending on the surface structure and method of application (by applicator or spraying).