Neoxal 111 ceramic coating

Ceramic coating for car paint, chrome, vinyl, polycarbonate, and metal, with increased durability. The protection prevents the formation of minor scratches, dust, corrosion, tarnishing, avian waste, insects, resin, UV radiation and other environmental factors. It also provides high hydrophobicity of the protected surface. Chemical resistance in the range pH of 2-13.

The active substances are SiCN, polysilazane that are precursors of nanostructures. They are suspended in substances like solvents and other additives which  helps to spread in a suitable way on the protected surface.  It enables the process of creating molecular bonds which contributes to the formation of the final coating. When the product in on the surface, the next step of the process is the vaporization of solvents and polymerization of the coating (7- 10 minutes, referred to in point No. 4 of the instruction). The accelerant of the reaction is the moisture from the air. Complete chemical curing of the coating lasts about 10 to 14 days.

Application/ optimal conditions:

Optimal application conditions are 20 – 22 ° C. Humidity of the air is 40-60%. Prepare the surface to be protected properly. It must be clean and degreased.

  1. At the first time of the application process, apply the large amount of “Neoxal 111” on the applicator.
  2. Spread the product uniformy on the surface from left to right and bottom to top (#), then circular to distribute the preparation evenly.
  3. After the application, put the applicator in a bag and close it tightly.
  4. Wait about 7- 10 minutes.
  5. Skip to another element.
  6. If required, put another layers after minimum 6 hours

The coating should not come into contact with moisture for 12 hours. It is advisable that the car should dry in the application conditions.

“Neoxal 111” gains its  hydrophobic properties after 12 hours from the application. The full mechanical, UV and chemical resistance of the coating is after 10 – 14 days. During this time, do not use used detergents for washing the vehicle.

We recommend “Neoxal Ceramic Reload Lite” for cleaning and maintaining the coating.